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Well-Groomed: The Handmade Groom – Bow Ties

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We cover wedding fashion for the guys from bespoke suit to bold pattern socks and we want to highlight non-cheesy, well crafted, sophisticated handmade items that will get you ready for the big day! Thankfully, we got the help of an expert – Brett Torrey Haynes of IAMTHELAB.

Aloha! It’s my privilege to bring a touch of handmade to Well-Groomed and I couldn’t think of a better first post than one that focused on that quintessential groom & groomsmen accessory: the bow tie.

I’m a huge fan of the bow tie and it seems that a lot of other gents are too these days. Thankfully, there are some amazing makers out there, producing some snazzy little bows perfect for the handmade lovin’ groom. Here are a selection of bow ties that are not only handmade, they’re also easy on the eyes. The great thing about buying a well-made bow tie is that you’ll be able to wear long after your special day is over. Enjoy!

  1. Forest Colony 0203 by Bond & Burlington: FOREST COLONY is a folk-inspired collection born from the collaborative work between BOND & BURLINGTON with Anna, a talented australian artist best known as LILA RUBY KING, based in Athens.
  2. Colorful Bow Tie by April Look: One of the many bows in the April Look shop, this one is actually double sided, with blue, cyan an purple on one side and eggplant on the other. 
  3. Gray Cascade Linen Bow Tie by Richmond Thread Lab: Part of the BLUE MOON COLLECTION for 2014, this bow tie is made from Japanese linen in a soft gray with a wave pattern in white and goldenrod. 
  4. Harbor Pink Stripes by Forage Haberdashery: Philadelphia-based Forage is a LAB favorite. This particular textile is made of wide stripes making each bow tie slightly different. perfect for weddings so the groomsmen each have something unique. see images for variance. 
  5. Make Way for Ducklings V2 Bow Tie by OOOTIE Boston: This whimsical bow is made form 100% silk and is sure to be a keeper. It’s a classic tie with a sense of humor that groom and groomsmen will want to wear again and again. 

Brett Torrey Haynes is the owner of, a site dedicated to showcasing the best of modern handmade. He currently lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and is known for his endless collection of neckties and shoes.

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