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Well-Groomed Q&A: What are Style Tips for Bigger Grooms?

By Well Groomed

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Q: I’m getting married to the most unbearably handsome dude, who is quite solidly built. I was wondering if you had any pointers specifically for the more bear-ish grooms-to-be. -Kelsey

A: Hey, Kelsey. I’ve got a few tips for bigger grooms, and a few bits just for your guy. You said the groomsmen are wearing mismatched suits and blue ties, and you’re going for a semi-formal, 1930s vibe.

For 1930s style, look to Fred Astaire and Cary Grant for inspiration that’s a more modern look than the wide-legged, huge shoulder-pad zoot suit.

For bigger guys in general, pay attention to the scale of your suit.

1 | Skip Skinny: Narrow ties and lapels will only make you look larger. Stick to wider styles to deemphasize your girth.

2 | Go North: Add visual interest up high (and away from your middle) by wearing a boutonniere, pocket square, or lapel pin.

3 | Button Up: If you’re standing, your jacket should stay closed to create a long, unbroken silhouette. When you sit, go ahead and unbutton your jacket.

Since the other guys are wearing mismatched suits and blue ties, I assume the suits themselves aren’t blue. Try a navy blue one with peak lapels, which are wider, for your bear-ish groom. Two-tone shoes, bring the Astaire vibe full-force. A punchy orange and navy tie will keep his look in step with the bridesmaids’ orange bouquets and jewelry.

Thanks for your question, Kelsey! I hope this helps your guy get well-groomed.

image 1: Fred Astaire via Mr. Porter
suit: Indochino Blue Sharkskin, tie: Bows-n-Ties, shoes: Mr. Hare navy and white Miller

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