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Well-Groomed Q&A: The Groom Won’t Wear a Tie or Jacket. Help!

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Q: My fella and I are getting married at the Melbourne, Australia court house in spring this year! He wants to be comfortable on the day, so he’s ruled out ties or neckwear of any kind. I’ve suggested a blazer, but he doesn’t want to wear a jacket either. He’s been involved in the wedding planning, and I want him to feel styled and special on the big day. Help! -AR

A: Hey, A! You really threw me a tough one here. No jacket/blazer and no ties? I’ve got three options, two of them are a tad sneaky. You didn’t mention his feelings on cardigans. Unlike jackets and blazers, cardigans aren’t nearly as restrictive across the back and shoulders so he should still be comfortable. The other sneaky option? A blazer. Hold on, hear me out. This blazer is made of sweatshirt material, again making it more comfortable than a traditional blazer. Check out these three mix-n-match looks. Either pant works with either top, but they’re all comfortable, relaxed looks.

Well-Groomed | Q&A: The Groom Won't Wear a Tie or Jacket. Help!

To get a more styled look, try a colored pant. On the left, straight cut white jeans. On the right, slim  green khakis. Both more tailored than the roomy fit a lot of guys gravitate towards, but not nearly as intimidating as skinny cuts.

On to shirts. Here are three good options. I’m a fan of the cardigan, which can stand in for the blazer/jacket. The stripes and shawl collar are great details that elevate this above the slouchy, brown grandpa sweater. If he’s still not going for the cardigan, move to right and try a banded collar shirt. A subtle pattern means the shirt has flare, but not in an “in your face” way. The style of the collar means that a tie is a no-no anyway, so no one will miss the neckwear. Leave a button or two undone for an effortless vibe. The sweatshirt blazer has the comfort of a casual hoodie and the styling of a traditional blazer. Style bonus? It also has contrasting elbow patches. Wear a button-down shirt underneath, and you’re set.

Hopefully, there’s something here you can agree on. If not, check out these other great relaxed looks.

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shirts | Brooks Brothers cardigan, Band of Outsiders banded collar shirt, Asos sweatshirt blazer
pants | Gap white jeans and green khakis

images | Get Shorty: Bradon Kidd, Everyday Upgrade: Kristen Deanne Photography, Vested Interest: ee photography

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