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Well-Groomed Q&A: Should we listen to our family, or do what we want?

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Q: I love this look and my groom wants to sport something very similar, our family thinks its too casual that he does not want wear a jacket of some sort, is that true or should we just ignore everyone and do what we want?  –April

A: April, the short answer is, do what you want. The reason? This is your wedding. Even if your parents are paying, this wedding is supposed to be an expression of who you are as a couple. It should be their gift to you, not their way of controlling you. Your parents have already had their opportunity to plan a wedding, theirs. If they’re divorced and remarried, they’ve had the chance to do it twice.

Next time, make sure you respond in a firm and final way. Otherwise, you send the message that you’re still open to being convinced.
Instead of saying:
We think the guys are wearing vests OR We’re leaning toward the vest look…
Yeah, the guys are wearing vests.

Trust me, this will come in handy throughout the marriage, including when it’s time to pick baby names. Everyone has an opinion on how they would do X,Y,Z. When it’s their turn, they can do just that. But, right now is your turn.

image 1: Jessica Zais image 2: James Moes

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