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Well-Groomed Q&A: Purple, Grey, and Vintage. What Do I Wear?

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Q: I’ve just started the wedding planning process with my fiancée and would love to get some advice on wedding outfits both for myself and the groomsmen. We’re looking at a purple/wine/burgundy with grey/charcoal color scheme, and I was wondering how I could fit that into a rustic/vintage outfit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Matt

A: To strike the right vibe with mix and match vests and brown leather suspenders for the guys and a blazer for you. Incorporate a variety of purple ties in different shades and patterns to bring that color into the look. Rather than silk options, look for knitted, linen, or cotton ones whether they’re bow or long ties. Match your shoes to the brown leather braces, and don’t feel bound to adding black accessories just because you’re wearing grey. Not sure how to mix grey and brown? Check out this cheat sheet. Burgundy pants will set you apart from the rest of the gang.

These guys get the mix n match just right with sweater vests and ties of both kinds.

Well-Groomed Q&A | Purple, Grey, and Vintage. What Do I Wear?

Forage bow tie, J.Crew striped tie, Peter Millar gingham tie, Asos vest, Charles Trywhitt pocket square, Urban Outfitters blazer

images by Braedon Photography

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