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Well-Groomed Q&A: Help Us Affordably Mix and Match

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Q: I’m hoping you can work a little menswear magic for me and my guy! We weren’t originally planning to have a bridal party, but after a change of heart we have three awesome people – two guys, one lady – who will stand up with us at the ceremony. My fiancé bought his suit before we decided to add in the guys, so we weren’t concerned with coordinating looks. I’m kind of at a loss for what they should wear. My fiancé is wearing a Brooks Brothers suit (though with more badassery) — and a  brown tie with a faint blue windowpane print. Our palette includes red, orange, yellow, coral, and light blue.

One of the guys will stand on my side, and one on his. We don’t want them to look like backup dancers, and neither of the guys has a ton of cash to spend. We want them to look and feel rad without resorting to khakis. A slight 1950s vibe is emerging. Here is our palette. I’d appreciate any helpful links or advice. -Jessie

A: Hey Jessie, I’ve got a few ideas to help the guys coordinate with the groom. Since the groomsman and bridesman are on budgets, I’d first suggest they raid their own closets. If they already own suits, have them tailored to give them a custom-made look, even if they were bought at the thrift shop. Guys tend to buy suits too long and too loose, but a good tailor can nip and tuck the jacket for as little as $25. Check out this cheat sheet to see how a suit should fit.

If their closets don’t offer up any suit options, consider blazers and dress pants. You don’t have to go for casual khakis. If that still doesn’t work, they’ll have to plop down some cash for an inexpensive suit and have it tailored. H&M and J.Crew Factory both have really affordable suits. Since you’re channeling the 1950s, add vests to the suit or blazer look for menswear styles. Try cricket- inspired sweater vests. They’re on sale buy 2, get them 30% off. How’s that for a budget? Pair the red vest with the orange and blue shirt, and the blue vest with the red and blue shirt.

Since the groomsmen are adding color in their vests/shirt combos, be sure the groom adds a colorful pocket square or boutonniere to incorporate more of the palette in his look.

Bonobos shirt 1 and Bonobos shirt 2, Brooks Brothers cable vest

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