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Well-Groomed Q&A: Can We Mix These Patterns?

By Well Groomed

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Q: The groom wants to wear a vest and bow tie, in the more casual sense. Similar to the gentleman in this post. I like checkered shirts, but the women might be wearing these [striped skirts]. Too much? Thoughts, advice, help?? –Erica T.

A: Hey, Erica. This weekend, I wore these H&M gingham shorts with this Mossimo striped V-neck tee. A navy, white, and green striped woven belt and khaki brown canvas shoes finished off the look. So, you can probably guess what my advice is for your pattern play. Go for it!

If you’re a still a little hesitant, stick to the same color for all of the patterns you’re incorporating into your look. Feeling a little bolder? Since the girls’ skirts are two colors, have some guys wear one color shirt and other guys where the second color. Or, find a shirt that incorporates both. Also, choose a small scale gingham pattern for the guys. The smaller the pattern, the more it blends into a near-solid from a distance.

Here are some other examples of grooms successfully mixing patterns. This groom has a striped vest, gingham shirt, and patterned bow tie.

Hope that helps. Don’t forget to send me a pic of the guys’ final look. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

images by: me, Dorothy Gautreaux Photography, EP love, Rose Callahan via Pinterest

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