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Well-Groomed Guys: Joel Serrato & Jose Villa

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You’ve seen wedding filmmaker Joel Serrato and photographer Jose Villa’s anniversary shoot right here, and it was so popular (W-G’s second most popular post ever, in fact) that I had to get some answers straight from them about their wedding style, what they look for when shooting grooms, and really any other knowledge they wanted to drop.

W-G: As a filmmaker (or in Jose’s case photographer), you strive to capture the unique details of a groom’s look. Do you have any tips for guys who want to create film-worthy styles for their wedding?

JS: In our opinion, if you are wearing a suit you should consider having it tailor-made or fit to your body. This will make you feel and look amazing! for example, Jose and I were traveling in Paris, France when we decided to walk into HUGO BOSS and then one day later we both had a complete suit made and tailored for us. It’s that easy and…the options are there so it’s ok to make time and schedule these important details in and it was our style from the beginning.

W-G: Congratulations on your first anniversary. For your wedding, you and Jose opted for contrasting, but complimentary looks. What was your favorite detail of your look? Of Jose’s look?

JS: Thanks for the congrats on our wedding! We honestly have to say that our dress style & color came from our taste and style in general. I was drawn to a light grey suit and Jose was drawn to a dark chocolate one. They fit our wedding perfect because our wedding was a reflection of our home and our everyday lives. We wouldn’t advise anyone to wear something that doesn’t feel right to them, it will make you feel uncomfortable and not yourself and that will reflect in photos/filmmaking. We both felt great, because the suits were tailor-made for us.

W-G: For your recent anniversary session, you both chose jeans, jackets, and bow ties, but you styled the looks to create different vibes. Jose’s version feels classic (as classic as jeans and jackets can be), while yours is more contemporary. What advice would you give a groom trying to create a complimentary look with his fiance if they don’t share the same style sensibility?

JS: I would encourage some compromise if your styles are completely different. Styles range with personality and people so they should be embraced and colors, tones, and textures should be considered on how they will photograph/film in the surroundings of your special day.

Our anniversary photo session was meant to “exchange” our custom made wedding bands from Waxing Poetic that never made our ceremony on time (this is because of our last minute ideas of course). Our dear friend Leo Patrone flew in from UT to photograph us two, making the same promise one year later, under the same surroundings that we love near our home. Our styles again were definitely slightly different, going back again to what naturally feels right to us both this time. We both wore bow ties from Boutaugh. This happened organically while running out of the house, just because they had just sent them over for us to try out someday, thanks Boutaugh! This is how everything happens for us really… naturally and non forced, we love to go with the flow.

W-G: I often post examples of guys mixing and matching patterns, selecting unusual color combinations, or in some way breaking from the norm. Is there a trend that you’d like to see grooms embrace more often?

JS: We do see many trends come and go, we are starting to see classic come back strong but have grooms play with textures that make the classic different. This being fitted suits with a handmade tie. DO NOT get the tie from the same designer. Try something different. The hunt is worth the wait! I searched so long for my wedding bow tie and I was so happy to have worn a grey chambray bow tie from forage it went perfect with my suit. Jose opted for a skinny tie from John Varvatos.

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