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Well-Groomed Guy: Oh Bob! of Oh Joy!

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Today, I’m kicking off the Well-Groomed Guys series. Each W-G Guy post will feature an interview of a guy with unique style, and more importantly, a willingness to share some style tips. Our first Well-Groomed Guy is Bob Cho, stylish guy and husband to graphic designer/blogger/tastemaker Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

Well-Groomed: As a doctor, you’ve got a mind for science, but your monthly Oh Bob! column proves you’ve also got an eye for style. How did you incorporate your personal style into your wedding look?

Bob Cho: We got married in our mid-20’s while I was chugging away at residency, and I didn’t have much disposable income to play with at the time. So I couldn’t buy a bespoke suit or the Alden shoes that I’d wear if we were getting married now. So instead, I worked with smaller details to being parts of my personality to my look for the day. I’m a huge watch fanatic and got cufflinks made from vintage watch movements for myself and as gifts to my groomsmen. I also wore my first pair of Paul Smith striped socks on my wedding day, and now they’re a staple in my closet.

W-G: What advice would you give grooms who want to create a unique, personalized style?

BC: Bring elements of your everyday style to your wedding look. If you’re known for your black-rimmed glasses, your mis-matched socks, or your fedora, keep your wedding outfit true to what you feel best in and what tells a story about your style. Your wedding day is just a more dressed-up version of your everyday look but should still feel like you. Also, for your groomsmen, cufflinks always bring a bit of quirk and personality, especially when you need to keep the overall look more formal. I was the best man in a wedding recently where the bride’s niece made custom cufflinks specific to each groomsmen. My nickname as a kid was “Hamburger” (and burgers happen to be one of my favorite foods) so the groom (who I’ve grown up with since a kid) gave me one-of-a-kind cufflinks that looks like cheeseburgers…with lettuce, tomatoes, a sesame seed bun and all. It was awesome.

W-G: What trend/style detail would you like to see grooms incorporate into their wedding wardrobe more often?

BC: I am a huge fan of textural and color contrast—like a thick wool or linen tie instead of silk. A peek of red pattern in the interior lining of a suit. Or a contrast patterned placket on a button up shirt. Brands like Paul Smith, Band of Outsiders, and The Hill-Side do this better than anyone right now. Interestingly, these guys all do fit and proportion better than anyone else as well.

W-G: What trend/style detail do you think should be retired for the good of all groomkind?

BC: Rental tuxedos! There is almost no way to look good in a tuxedo that doesn’t really fit you. You can get a reasonably priced tuxedo from a place like Indochino, and it will fit like a glove. Your groomsmen can all thank you later for something that they will be able to use over and over again for the rest of their lives.

W-G: Limos are the “go to” wedding ride, which means they’re overdone. With the emergence of classic and exotic car rental companies, the options are endless. What car do you think would get the groom to the church on time and in style?

BC: A 1960’s Shelby Cobra 427 or a 1950’s Porsche 356. 

image of Bob by Bonnie Tsang

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