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Well-Groomed Group: No. 001

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Today, I’m kicking off a new series that takes groom style inspiration to a new level. I’ve created style boards, styled a groom for the Geometric Valentine’s shoot, and I have another styled groom and bride coming your way soon. But, I wanted to create a shoot that was strictly for the guys. Photog Jen Meneghin was kind enough to let me and my rowdy bunch take over her studio. Thanks for that, J!
Hopefully, the Well-Groomed Group series will make outfitting the entire groom’s party a breeze. Each post in the series will offer up shopping details for the groom, groomsman, and ring bearer to make creating a unique, cohesive look a no-brainer. So, with all that said, let’s get to it. 
Well-Groomed Blog | Well-Groomed Group - A styled look for the groom, groomsman, and ring bearer (images: Jen Meneghin)
Let’s dissect the group for a closer look. First up, the groom. His red, checked shirt is complimented by a multi-colored striped bow tie, and chambray pocket square. Top it off with a white blazer, and ground the look with relaxed teal pants. A DIY sequin heart pin adds flair. Stay tuned for the tutorial next week.
Well-Groomed Blog | Well-Groomed Group - A styled look for the groom (images: Jen Meneghin)
The groomsman’s look compliments, not matches, the groom’s. A red, chambray tie, gingham pocket square, and lapel pin offset a light teal shirt and caramel khakis. 
Well-Groomed Blog | Well-Groomed Group - A styled look for the groomsman (images: Jen Meneghin)

The ring bearer’s details mix well with the groom and groomsman, but he shines all his own with a striped vest, gingham bow tie, and bright orange pants.
Well-Groomed Blog | Well-Groomed Group - A styled look for the ring bearer (images: Jen Meneghin)

Want a glimpse of what it’s like working on set with kids? My wife, Shauna, is a dessert table designer and the co-founder of Confetti Pop and The Style Lab, so she pitched in her photo styling skills. And, it’s always a family affair, so the girls were there to up the cuteness ante.
Well-Groomed Blog | Well-Groomed Group - Behind the Scenes (images: Jen Meneghin)
I know you think it can’t get any better, but it can. I teamed up with some of these vendors to create a great giveaway. Check back for that next week, along with the tutorial for those DIY sequin heart lapel pins. Stay connected in the meantime, and follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.
Jen, thanks again for taking a chance on my harebrained, grooms-only idea and shooting everything! What do you guys think of the new series?
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groom’s look: Macy’s Bar III blazer (grab it while it’s still on sale), General Knot & Co. bow tie, Pierrepont Hicks pocket square, J.Crew shirt, Express Men belt, J.Crew pants, Greenwich Vintage Co. shoes, Benjos laces
groomsman’s look: 21 Men blazer, General Knot & Co. tie (sold out: similar), Pierrepont Hicks pocket square, J.Crew shirt, Gap pants
ring bearer’s look: Gap vest (sold out: similar), Apple & Ivy bow tie, Target shirt, Old Navy pants

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