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Well-Groomed Groom: Pretty (Awesome) in Pink

By Well Groomed

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Guys are programmed to avoid any clothing, color, or even cocktail that can be interpreted as soft or feminine. So, it’s rare that a groom embraces a pink and pale blue wedding palette. Rather than taking the easy way out and just adding a pink tie to a black suit, Luke styled a look that mixed a pink striped tie, light blue pants, a khaki vest, and dance shoes. Photog Kelly Tesar perfectly captured his pastel look.

Wedding Style | Groom in pink tie | Well-Groomed Blog

Wedding Shoes | Groom with wingtip dance shoes | Well-Groomed Blog

from Luke (the groom): When it comes to the choices you make you have to keep an open mind. When I first started putting ideas together for myself and my groomsmen, I had an idea in mind of an all-khaki outfit with a vest and pants. Then I started looking around and found these fantastic blue pants from J. Crew that really made the outfit and colors pop. My advice would be have an idea of what you want to start with and then play around with it. You never know what you’ll like and you may surprise yourself when it comes down to your final decision.

Wedding Style | Groom and Groomsmen in pastels | Well-Groomed Blog
Wedding Style | Groom in pastels and neutrals | Well-Groomed Blog

WG: How much input did you have in styling your look? Was Leiah supportive of your ideas?

L: My wife and I had lived together for 2 years prior to our marriage, so she knew I had a pretty good fashion sense and an eye for what I wanted. She pretty much gave me her full support and let me do my own thing, which was nice because I didn’t feel any pressure to wear something that I wasn’t comfortable wearing.  
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Groomsmen | Khaki Vests and Blue Pants | Well-Groomed Blog

WG: My readers are always on the hunt for great vests. Where did you find yours and was that a difficult process? What about the shoes?

L: Man, the vests were the toughest thing to put together when it came to this outfit. I knew I wanted a slimmer fitting vest in a khaki hue, and to be honest with you there aren’t very many options out there. After about a month, I found a slim fit Doublju one on Amazon. 

When it came to the shoes I really wanted to make a statement. I’ve been shoe guy since I put on my first pair of Jordan’s, so when I was planning this outfit I knew the shoes had to be the focal point of the entire thing. When I get asked the question, “Whats the first thing you notice when you meet someone for the first time?” My reply is always their shoes. I chose the brown and white spat style wingtip dance shoe from Aris Allen, because it had a 1930’s era vibe and the colors blended great with the blue pants and khaki vest.  
Groom | Khaki Vest with Blue Pants | Well-Groomed Blog

Wedding Style | Groom in Pastels | Well-Groomed Blog

WG: Why did you choose to wear separates, as opposed to a tux or traditional suit?

L: I chose separates because I didn’t want myself and my groomsmen to be the same cookie cutter tux rental group that you see so much these days. Anybody can go out and rent a tux but it takes planning and good fashion sense to pull something like this off. Plus its your wedding! Do you really want to look like the same old tired rental group in your pictures or do you want to look back on your wedding and say, “Damn, we did it right!”    
Wedding Party | Groomsmen and ring bearer in pastels | Well-Groomed Blog

WG: Are there any other tips or advice you have to other guys who are in the planning process?

L: Don’t be afraid to be bold in your choices. If you have an idea in mind work with it. You may not get it right the first few times, but when it’s right you’ll know it. Remember, you don’t just have to outfit yourself. You have to outfit your groomsmen, and that takes a lot of time. There will be some headaches and frustrating moments in the process, but when it all comes together on your big day there’s no better feeling. Enjoy fellas!
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Thanks for the tips, Luke! You had a lot of great points for guys considering a custom look.

images: Tesar Photography
venue: The Bishop’s House
groom’s wardrobe | Doublju vest, J.Crew pants, Aris Allen shoes

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