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Well-Groomed Groom: Mix n Match Matrimony

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Groomsmen with different body types or just different style preferences? Take a note from this groom. He and the groomsmen widely varied their looks, some in 3-piece suits, some in just shirt and suspenders, and others in different vests. This is also a good way to work around different body types. Chances are, your tall, lean brother and your short, portly best friend won’t look great in the exact same pieces. Work around each guy’s body type (or what they’re comfortable in) to create the best looks.

To keep it from getting chaotic, all the guys in this wedding stuck to a palette of neutral black, white, grey, and tan. So whether one guy looks best in cropped slim pants and another in full-length looser ones, you can still make everyone happy without compromising on your overall style statement.

images by Braedon Photography

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