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Well-Groomed Groom: Bright Bold and Playful

By Well Groomed

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Bright retro yellow truck for the big day? Oh, so classic! We cannot not smile looking through this bold and charming wedding.

 Well-Groomed Groom Retro Getaway Engine1 
To create that relaxed semi-formal air all around, the couple opted to have their wedding outdoors at the Lionsgate Center, home of the iconic painted walls. Keeping up with the bold, whimsical theme, the palette is bright and colorful, the photo shoot is playful, and the groom sported a great-looking and copy-worthy preppy outfit.

Well-Groomed Groom Suspender1Well-Groomed Groom Attire1
Well-Groomed Groom Cuff Links

Head to toe, every thing that he put together seems deliberately thought through. The blue and white plaid shirt is light, crisp and comfy. The pattern blends beautifully with the already bold background. 
He certainly paid extra attention to details. That golden cuff links that match the look of the retro truck….  coincidence? We think not! We also like how he incorporated the French cuff shirt with black trousers, black suspenders and that patterned brick-red bow tie. The red on the bow tie adds a contrasting pop of color to his ensemble and matches the bride’s bouquet, while the dotted white flowers complimented the whole attire.
Well-Groomed Groom Ring and Cuff Links 
Well-Groomed Groom Retro Getaway Engine2Well-Groomed Groom Bow Tie1 Well-Groomed Groom Bow Tie5 Well-Groomed Groom Bow Tie2 
Well-Groomed Groom Venue2
Well-Groomed Groom Attire2
Well-Groomed Groom Venue1
Well-Groomed Groom Bow Tie3 Well-Groomed Groom Suspender2 Well-Groomed Groom Bow Tie4 Well-Groomed Groom Bow Tie Suspender  
There is a certain degree of extra “Awesomeness” in that red bow tie, as it was no ordinary bow tie. Really. It was a custom made, organic bow tie that was hand-sewn by refugees and asylees who are living in beautiful Colorado, USA. Now that is a gallon of humanity and another classic move.

Well-Groomed Groom Venue3Well-Groomed Groom Venue4 Well-Groomed Groom Attire3 Well-Groomed Groom Attire4
Well-Groomed Groom Attire5 
Well-Groomed Groom Retro Getaway Engine3 

Click here if you want to see more pictures of our thoughtful, well-groomed groom and his Bright Bold and Playful Wedding. 

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