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Well-Groomed Groom: Bali Destination Wedding

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Bali? WHOA. It screams heaven to us. Apparently, for New Zealand & Australia’s A-list couple, Dane Rumble (a.k.a Kid Deft) and Nikki Phillips, it screams… Destination Wedding and so much more!

  Well-Groomed Groom Venue1 
Commenting about the venue, here’s what Nikki said:
“Bali held many memories for both of us which is why this tropical yet rough oasis was picked at the destination.”

And so Semara Uluwatu, a luxurious villa resort located in Bali, Indonesia was THE place for them. Perched high on top of a cliff, with clear blue sky, infinity pool, and gorgeous 180 degree panoramic view of the Indian Ocean as the perfect backdrop, their party went on from daylight to star-studded night. And the color scheme could not go far from…yes, you got it right…Blue.

  Well-Groomed Groom Attire1 
The notched lapel, single buttoned, slim-fitting suit jacket that Dane wore was in pale blue, as if resembling the gentle ocean breeze. The suit jacket has thin navy blue trims on its hidden pocket openings that made it look modern and oh SO stylish!

The trims also matched his navy blue tie and trousers. Both the modern suit jacket and tapered trousers were from New Zealand’s iconic brand, Hallenstein Brothers.

Well-Groomed Groom Attire2 
Inside his jacket, Dane opted for a crisp white cotton shirt, creating an airy look. Cotton obviously was the perfect choice for the hot and humid, tropical Bali weather. And for an added modern touch and a little bling, Dane put on a stripe metal tie clip to his ensemble. We gotta say we really like how he picked such a fresh color combo that exactly describes a modern nautical wedding.
  Well-Groomed Groom Ring and Watch 
The moment we saw that blue faced masculine diver watch and the bold metal ring that Dane wore, we immediately knew those two accessories were well-thought-of statement pieces that every guy would envy. Yep, it certainly has that effect on us 😉
 Well-Groomed Groom Decor2

Well-Groomed Groom Decor1 Well-Groomed Groom Attire3 
Now putting our envy aside…, Dane made a classic move by outfitting his groomsmen with Hallensteins suits in navy blue. And then, the same crisp white shirt, and brown leather shoes from one of Australia’s trendy brand, Urge Footwear – tied their attires together. And to top it off, a white-colored rose boutonniere, and white pocket square were added. Just the right color to go matchy-matchy with the bride’s attire.
Well-Groomed Groom Venue2 

No doubt, Dane has an impeccable taste, as the whole ensemble made him and his entourage looked both sharp and neat. And considering the brands of choice, he clearly is a proud Down-Under A-lister who supports local brands. Now that is a bold statement that deserves our thumbs-up!
Well-Groomed Groom Attire5
Well-Groomed Groom Attire4
Well-Groomed Groom Attire6
Well-Groomed Groom Decor3

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