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Well-Groomed Gift Guide: Beer Guy

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Most guys find “their beer” pretty early in their 20s (and for some, a lot little earlier), but it’s never too late for your beer guzzlin’ groomsmen to discover a new favorite or two. He can learn everything there is to know about the flavor properties of every major ale and lager with a beer taxonomy chart. Think the guy’s ready to branch out? How about a bottle of Sam Adams’ beer champagne hybrid, a sleek bottle opener, or rock-hard slate coasters? By the way, a mug isn’t best for every beer, so encourage him to toss the college mascot and corporate logo mugs by hooking him up with a grown-up set of glasses.
Pop Chart Lab beer taxonomy poster, Samuel Adams Infinium, Brooklyn Brew Shop beer kit, Cooper-Hewitt bottle opener, 33 Beers journal, Crate & Barrel slate coasters + beer glasses

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