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W-G Q&A: Can I Mix Black and Brown?

By Well Groomed

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A reader sent me his wedding inspiration board (see below) and a question about the appropriate way to wear black and brown.

Q: [Below] is what my Bride to be and Bridesmaids will be wearing. Also m ideas for the Groomsman. My question is: Can I put Brown and Black together this way? — Peter

A: Peter, conventional wisdom would say that you should only wear brown with brown, but rules are meant to be broken. The most popular W-G post ever addresses a similar issue, and I mocked up a handy little cheat sheet. Since both colors are neutrals, they can be paired together. The trick, is to making the pairing look intentional. Don’t choose just one black item, add two (or more) black elements to your brown suit. You’ve chosen the shoes and the tie. But, consider adding socks or a pocket square that contain both colors. 

Still hesitant? What about some custom Converse? Choose leather, and they’ll make a great momento that will last more than one summer. Here are a couple I designed. The first pair includes the bridesmaids’ dress color and your wedding date.

Here’s a Calvin Klein look modeled by Halle Berry’s baby daddy that shows another brown and black look.

You may notice on the cheat sheet, I said that brown suits always go with brown shoes. To be clear, that shade of light brown is best with brown. However, a deep chocolate brown (like your suit and those custom Converse) goes great with black.

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