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Versus: Russell Brand US & Russell Brand UK

By Well Groomed

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Ignore the “pickin’ chicken out of my teeth” pose, and focus on Russell Brand’s red carpet style. Both looks were for Arthur’s premiere. The look on the left was for the U.S. premiere, and the right was for the U.K. one. I’m torn on which way to vote on this one.

The U.S. look is unexpected. How often do you see a monochromatic look that isn’t all-black or all-white? You’ve gotta respect the perfectly-matched shirt. The U.K. look is covertly unexpected. The pink jacket lining is toughened up by a black wallet chain. And closer inspection reveals that the seemingly boring grey suit is actually covered in a houndstooth pattern, which plays well with the plaid tie.

This is a tough one, so I’ll let you guys decide. Which look makes the stronger style statement? A head-to-toe unconventional color or a combination of well-mixed patterns? Talk amongst yourselves.

image 1 via IMDb, image 2 via OK Magazine

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