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Versus: Brad Pitt, Chris Pratt, Bennett Miller

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The stars of Moneyball all showed up for an promo event wearing all-black. Or at least, I think Pitt’s suit is black, but I guess it could be a dark navy. Either way, the guys are a great example of three different ways to make a classic unique.

Pitt goes for a tieless 3-piece suit, with undone jacket, five o’clock shadow, and shoulder length hair. Chris Pratt does a 180 with a more traditional suit, mid-width tie, and full beard. Bennett Miller opts for a very subtly striped suit with a really skinny tie and clean shaven look. So, we’ve got three different suits and three different facial hair statuses. What do you think? Who won this war of the wardrobes?

Who wore all-black best?

image via imdb

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