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Style Board: Beach Bound

By Well Groomed

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It finally hit 70 in the Twin Cities, and we’re planning a trip to Hawaii for our anniversary. You’re probably planning to hit the shores for your honeymoon, and now’s not the time to look like a schlub. So, pack with summer style in mind.

Well-Groomed | Style Board: Beach Bound

The key here is to mix and match. Why pack a different look for every day, when you can multitask a pair of shorts with two different shirts? Magenta shorts can be paired with a lightweight button-up shirt in colorful plaid or a navy and white striped nautical tee. Get shady with a fedora or sunglasses, and you’re ready to hit a seaside restaurant, tourist traps, and sights.

 The Gringo Groom gets warm weather gear right.

Well-Groomed | Beach Bound (images by Mr. Phill)
Well-Groomed | Beach Bound (images by Mr. Phill)
Well-Groomed | Beach Bound (images by Mr. Phill)
Gap fedora, Warby Parker sunglasses, Bonobos plaid shirt, H&M shorts, AMI t-shirt
Gringo Groom images by Mr. Phill

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