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Driving a Prius, calculating your carbon footprint, and making sure the recycling is on the curb every Tuesday? Ok, maybe you’re not doing any of those things, but you and your fiance just like to buck convention. Either way, Simply Wood Rings has just what you need, and their name says it all.

And don’t think that just because they’re a non-traditional material, that you’re pigeonholed into one type of style for your eco-friendly ring. Each ring is handcrafted from salvaged wood, and you can choose a mahogany ring that’s inlaid with crushed stone, a bog wood ring with contrasting coloring, or even a rosewood ring that holds a blue topaz.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Have them turn something significant into a custom ring. Love to play co-ed baseball together or go boating at the lake? Why not have a bat or dock plank turned into a cherished piece?

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