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You’ve probably been brainstorming ways to make your proposal a memorable, special moment for awhile. The crucial element of any bended-knee action has to be the ring. Sure, the words, the sentiment, the gestures are all important, but the first thing your girl will hear people say is, “Let me see the ring!” 

Make sure that moment isn’t tainted by choosing a Gemesis conflict-free, man-made diamond. Lab-created diamonds aren’t cubic zirconia. They’re real diamonds that are eco- and socially-responsible. Rather than moving a ton, literally a ton, of Earth to produce a one carat mined diamond, you can get a great value with a Type 2A, flawless Gemesis diamond. In fact, you can get a higher quality conflict-free diamond for a better price than you can a flawed mined diamond.

Want even more options? Design your own conflict-free ring for the proposal of your girl’s dreams.
Create her ring.

Check out Gemesis for even more information about lab-created, conflict-free engagement rings and wedding bands.

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