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Re: What She Really Wants – The Perfect Gift for Her

By Well Groomed

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You: Down to the wire… no clue, no gift idea on the radar.

Recipient: Her.

Objective: To stop procrastinating and finally surprise her with mind blowing gifts.

Board of advisors: Top leading ladies, tastemakers by nature.

Natalie Bowman // VP of Media at Neiman Marcus

“The holidays are a great time to give classic, timeless items that she will use year after year such as a Burberry check scarf, Italian leather driving gloves or a classic tote bag.”


Annie Jackson // VP, Merchandising + Planning Credo 

“I have been coveting this incredible fragrance. I love the smell of roses, and this is the most gorgeous scent I have ever smelled”


Anbu Anbalagapandian // Founder & CEO of Orange Harp

This piece is beautiful, unique, high-quality, meaningful, and hand-made with high integrity by artisan with a deep commitment to the planet and its people.  It’s made in San Francisco with locally-sourced leather and vegetable dyes.”


Sitarani Palomar // Producer & Co-Host of An Organic Conversation / Health & Lifestyle Editor for Credo.

Aquarian Rose Eaux de Parfum by Strange Invisible Perfumes. This heavenly bouquet of rose with edgy, seductive sandalwood is everything I’ve been looking for in a completely natural, clean perfume. Plus, I’m an Aquarius. It’s as if this scent were designed for me!”

Kellee Khalil // Founder & CEO

“Believe me, working in the wedding industry – I’m all about a beautiful diamond 😉 but for the holidays, if you’re not ready to pop the question, go with a piece of super unique or meaningful jewelry. I’d LOVE to get a pendant necklace like this one in rose gold (my current obsession) from my special someone; I’m a social media fanatic, and my channels are such an extension of myself.”


Julie Nguyen // Founder & CEO of Methodology.

“I’m all about self-love and self-care, and I’m obsessed with P.F. Candles. I light one every morning as I journal and again in the evening as I meditate and wind down for bed. They look gorgeous on any shelf, they make your room smell amazing, and the jar lights up in a magical amber color when the candle is lit.”



P.S. Yes, you’re seeing double. Two women in the Credo team independently picked the same product! That really says something about the fragrance, no?

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