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Q&A: Should I Cuff My Suit?

By Well Groomed

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Q: I’m having trouble deciding how I should alter my suit for the big day. My bride and I are having an August outdoor wedding in Michigan, and the wedding party will all be wearing seersucker suits with white bucs. The suit pants are flat front, and it’s a more tailored seersucker. My gut is telling me to cuff the pants because it’s a more formal occasion. I usually have pants hemmed for no break, but I don’t know if that would look ridiculous with cuffed bottoms on flat front pants. Would love your thoughts. –Drew

A: Hey Drew, thanks for the question! You can definitely wear flat fronts with a cuff. Need proof? Check out this pic of Darren Criss’s cuffed, flat front seersucker suit.

Wedding Advice | Should I Cuff My Suit? | Well-Groomed Blog

You mentioned your suit’s slimmer fit, which gives it a fresh vibe. Also consider hemming the pant above the ankle, rather than just a no break look for a groom style homerun.

Hope that helps solve your dilemma. Now, go forth and cuff those pants, man!

image: GQ

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