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Q&A: My Arms are Extra Long. How Do I Style My Sleeves?

By Well Groomed

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Q: My partner has really long arms — 38″ to 39″. This has been making it very difficult to get a wedding look together. The only items we’ve found that with long enough sleeves even once altered were 42XL suits that were really somber and boring, conservative shirts. Now we’re considering blazers with the arms rolled or pushed up so the short sleeves look intended rather than ill-fitting. Can you give us any advice on making a look that suits a summer wedding with a short sleeved blazer? –Devon

A: Let’s start with summer style, then we’ll move on to dealing with the sleeve length. I styled the Well-Groomed Group as mix and match inspiration for grooms, groomsmen, and ring bearers, so check it out for lightweight, warm weather ideas for all of the guys.

Onto the sleeves. It’s impossible to find short sleeved men’s blazers. Trust me, I looked. If you’re willing to roll them, consider your problem solved. Make sure the suit fits everywhere else, and you can get away with any sleeve length. In fact, the less fabric you have to deal with, the better.

Well-Groomed | Q&A: My Arms are Extra Long. Help!

1 | Roll the blazer’s sleeve just a little, and let the shirt sleeve peek out from underneath.
2 | Push up your suit or blazer’s sleeves up high. Next, push up your shirt sleeves, leaving only a flash of fabric peeking out from the blazer.
3 | Leave the too short blazer sleeves unrolled, and make the extra shirt cuff look really intentional. Try it with a bright or colorful shirt underneath to play up the “on purpose” vibe.

Since you want a less stodgy look, think about unexpected shirt/blazer color combos (Check out this red, linen blazer). Or, unbutton the shirt’s top two buttons. Just don’t pop the collar. This is a wedding after all. 

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