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Q&A: I Want a Tropical Look. Help!

By Well Groomed

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Q: I’m going to do a tailored gray suit that’s sharp, but also something I can wear on a regular basis, with a tie. I’ve tried a bow tie, and it’s just not me. Our colors are navy and teal, and it’s a tropical/Hawaiian/beach-y theme. I’m also going to wear some navy or teal saddle shoes. Everyone will be pretty casual, and I’m trying to find a tie/shirt that will pop. I was originally thinking a teal gingham shirt with a floral tie. I can find the shirt, but not the tie. Now, I’m thinking maybe I can find a sharp floral dress shirt and a “normal-ish” tie. I’m ready to go bold for my big day, I’m just having a hard time even finding a company that even makes what I’m looking for. –Andy in SoCal

A: First off, kudos for going the unconventional route for your wedding. You’ve given me a tall order, but I think I’ve got the answer to your dilemma.

Well-Groomed | Q&A: I Want a Tropical Wedding Look. Help!

There are two great tie options, and both can work with any of these three shirts, depending on just how “out there” you’re willing to go. Personally, I would advise tie #1 with a solid colored or a small scale gingham or striped shirt.

Tie #2, is awesome. It’s modern, simplistic, and a good balance to the busyness of the shirts. I know you’re wearing a suit jacket, but if you’re willing to ditch it, I highly recommend the first shirt. Come on, teal and green tropical floral shoulder explosion?!? What more of a statement piece could you ask for? It’s a great twist on traditional Hawaiian shirts.

The third shirt is short sleeved, but under the suit jacket no one would know. After the ceremony, the short sleeves might be perfect for the sweltering heat.

I hope that helps, Andy! I can’t wait to see what you decide to wear.

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