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Q&A: How Do I Conquer Casual/Smart Style?

By Well Groomed

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Q: Hi, I sent an email a few years back regarding my dilemma between brown and black shoes. So, the time has come for met to get married. My wedding is on a farm in the English countryside, and we’re trying to keep things casual but smart. I was thinking of a herringbone tweed blazer to keep with the country feel, but I have no idea how I could style it. And how would I coordinate my groomsmen without looking overly matching? Help!

A: Hey, Joe! Great to have you back. The direction you’re headed stylistically leaves you and the groomsmen without many limitations. To differentiate yourself from the rest of the guys, nix their jackets and instead have them choose between vests, suspenders, bow ties, and long ties to fit their individual styles. As long as they stick with your color palette, they can probably find a lot of their pieces in their own closets. It’ll be easiest to avoid the matchy-matchy look if you’re working with a palette of several colors, rather than just a couple.

Just check out some of these guys who mixed and matched their relaxed looks like pros. This Woolen Wonder look is a primo option for a tweed blazer.

If you’re not going for such an autumnal look, you can ditch the sweaters and still create the same vibe for your guys. Check out Mix & Match Matrimony and No Two the Same.
Thanks for the question, Joe! Be sure to swing by and share your wedding look after the big day.

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