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Fit to Be Tied: A Two-Fer

These Dolbeau ties pack a double dose of style. Each limited edition, reversible tie has a crazy plaid side and a complimentary solid side. If the plaid side’s too chaotic for your wedding, just reverse the tie and wear it with the solid colored side on top. No matter which way you wear it, you’ll be […]

Versus: Jon Hamm & Don Draper

Rhyming first names and hand-in-pocket stances aside, Jon Hamm and his Mad Men alter ego, Don Draper, are nearly complete opposites. Hamm repeatedly goes for an open collared, five o’clock (or later) shadow look that’s tailor made for beach nuptials. I mean, really, why wear a tie if you don’t have to? Draper’s impeccable, but […]

A Well-Groomed Cake

Whenever I stumble upon a groom’s cake or a cake that would make a great groom’s cake, I’ll feature it in the Well-Groomed Cake series. Want to show off your groom’s cake? Check out the Submissions page for all the info you need to send your images. image via Pinterest