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It’s Gettin’ Tense Up in Here: Tension-Set Titanium Rings

By Well Groomed

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to pop the question. Hunting down “the ring” is enough to drive anyone crazy, but Titanium Rings makes finding a unique, showstopper of an engagement ring a breeze. These tension-set rings are definite conversation starters.

Unique, tension set engaement rings in time for Valentine's Day | Well-Groomed

The perks of titanium don’t end at good looks. The metal is resistant to scratches and the stone set in it resist loosening. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how beautiful an engagement ring is, if the prongs let a stone slip loose. Tension-set rings keep the each stone more secure, which is a bonus if you’ve investment some coin into a ring.

1 | Stella Diamond, 2 | Ascent, 3 | Etoile, 4 | Samsara Vine Diamond, 5 | Meghan

Already got the engagement ring? Congrats! Check out the unisex wedding bands like the Stealth, Eclipse, or Contour. Each one combines classic styling with this modern metal.

Swing by Titanium Rings to see the entire selection.

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