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Can you count to 3? Do you have ten minutes of free time? Yes? Congrats! You’re more than half way to outfitting yourself and all the guys in your wedding. Indochino’s recently revamped wedding program makes ordering a custom suit quick and simple, and at $400, it’s a steal.

How’s it work? In three easy steps, that’s how.
1| Choose your suit style.
2| Customize your suit. Pick the lapel, lining, and monogramming options at no additional charge.
3| Grab a tape measure (they’ll even give you one if you’re lacking), and enter your stats online.

And, done! In 28 days, you’ll be the proud owner of a custom, ready-to-wear, wrinkle-free suit.

Don’t keep this great deal to yourself. For grooms parties of three or more, Indochino will give each guy two free accessories. Mix and match their ties, cuff links, pocket squares, and more to create a stylish, unstuffy vibe.

Check out the entire Indochino wedding collection, and get your 10-minute 1, 2, 3 on!

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