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How This Groom Rocks Turquoise & Coral – {Cool Shoes Alert}

By Well Groomed

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A lot of guys say, “aqua / teal is a pretty hard color to work with”.

Well. Not to this well-groomed groom.

Today we leaped back to last year in August, when this gorgeous glittery wedding happened! Matt has a story to tell about how he worked with the master mind (aka the bride) to create the perfect look for their wedding day!

Matt and Amanda for Well Groomed August 11th, 2013



Since we had a California casual summer wedding, Amanda wanted the guys in light gray 3 piece suits. She actually didn’t want us to wear our jackets, and just have rolled up white shirts with vests and pants. I didn’t think that would look good and wanted to wear the jacket. We initially wanted to stay away from tuxedos thinking they were too formal but then we realized no one rents suits, only tuxedos. So we found a tux shop that actually had a light gray, informal looking 3 piece tux.


I tried it on and Amanda really loved it, but I was on the fence. I felt like I wanted to see more options before just accepting the first one we saw. Unfortunately that lead to a couple frustrating weeks of going to all the different tuxedo rental places and being disappointed. First, none of them would let us try on the tuxedo. I felt really uncomfortable making any decision without knowing how I would look in the tux. Then we went to the Hollywood Suit Outlet where you can get a suit for $99. We actually found one that would work, but then realized that all my groomsmen (I had 4, 2 of which lived far away) would have to come in and get sized, and then we would have to get them all tailored. By this time we were cutting it close to the wedding and all that coordination was really starting to stress us out.

We dropped the subject for about a week and then went back to the first tux we saw and were able to try on. I got the rest of my groomsmen’s sizes, put in the order, and everything was fine. For the rental we decided to skip on the tie and the shoes in order to customize our look a bit. 




I have always been a big fan of Nikes and since we were going for a casual vibe, I really wanted to buy Nikes for all my groomsmen. I’m kind of picky about shoes so I thought this was going to be a challenge to find the right ones. But one day when we were out, we stumbled across the perfect shoes—light gray suede with bright turquoise laces.


 Our wedding colors were turquoise, gold, and coral pink. As Amanda was pulling all the decor together, she realized there wasn’t a lot of pink being used, so she suggested we get coral pink ties. I was fine with that idea, and she actually found a light red chambray tie and they ended up being a fun way to incorporate our wedding colors.



Our whole look was envisioned by Amanda but she knew I wanted to be a part of the process and heard my concerns. We collaborated on it and I really like how everything turned out. Over all my clothing was just a minor part of the incredible experience of getting married, but it helped set the tone and made our day feel even more special.


Can’t get enough? See more from Matt & Amanda’s beautiful wedding on the photographer’s blog and Green Wedding Shoesand let’s wish them a very happy Anniversary! 


Photography: Let’s Frolic Together

Tuxedo: Heather Gray Allure Suit by Allure Men rented from Friar Tux

Shoes: Braata LR by Nike purchased from Zappos

Ties: Classic Chambray Red with Anchors purchased from The Tie Bar 

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