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How Perfect Circle Protects Your Precious Moments

By Well Groomed

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Deliriously happy and filled with love. Newly engaged? Just married? Crowded by beautiful memories and delighted with the possibilities of a journey of a life time? Just put a ring on it?
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I remember the feeling so well! The back then new object now comfortably circles my “vena amoris”…  I wasn’t used to it and the ring felt a little ‘foreign’ at first. Like that pang of love when she first called me her husband, the wedding ring felt different, in a good way! 
Fun fact 1 – the ancient Roman brought the practice of placing the ring on the left ring finger, because of a “vena amoris” or “nerve of love” supposedly connected from that finger to the heart, seat of love and affection. (source McCalls Magazine June 1963).
The ring is, after all, a symbol of happiness! There are many legends about the use of a ring to symbolize marriage, but one we like especially holds that a ring, having no beginning and no end, stands for eternity.  
Fun fact 2 – did you know that traditionally only the bride wore the wedding ring? There was a wider acceptance for the double ring ceremony during the World War II where the groom also received a wedding ring! 

Confession though? I witnessed a friend’s ring slipped of her finger when she was trying to put on her jacket – it fell and it rolled into the ocean … Our hearts sank. Disappointed and upset were an understatement! So I am in constant fear of losing the rings! Like when walking the dogs or going hiking on the weekend, what if it just comes off my hand? When working in the kitchen, Mrs. Well-Groomed almost always takes hers off and put them on the counter to avoid getting the rings dirty. As amusing as cooking together may be there is something inherently disheartening when the fear of misplacing or worse losing the wedding ring creeps up on you. 

Alain Delon, Romy Schneider

Engagement party of Romy Schneider and Alain Delon. Spanjersberg, Rotterdam, no. 1207, ca. 1959. Photo: Ufa/Film-foto via.

The engagement ring and the wedding rings are so much more than just financial investments. Most importantly, to us – they hold a priceless sentimental value because of they represent a significant moment for us.

Brett Corson + Maggie Moore taken by Julianne Grainger via 

Well take this: Perfect Circle, the jewelry insurance from the expert, (having been in business for more than 100 years), Jewelry Mutual Insurance Company offers meticulous protection for the circles worn by you and your perfect match. From an on-staff gemologist to flexibility to work with our own jewelers, they make the process as painless as possible.

Quote in under a minute? Consider it done!

Show and tell just got so easy and safe. All you need to do is wear the ring proud and happy, recalling the heart warming moment in the chill breath of frost-needled winter while a retro-sounding song plays in the background, when s/he said I do!

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