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Generation Tux: An Outfit for Every Guy, Every Party

By Well Groomed

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Step aside. George Zimmer the iconic business leader with over 40 years of clothing experience and success is back. And his just-launched tux rental service is bustling with high-tech, high touch experience. Generation Tux brings the tuxedo and suit rental experience online – transforming the experience from start to finish and removing the dreaded multiple store visits and the frustration of non-fitting clothes. Totally what we need to make it easy to prep for your special day and R.S.V.P. to any occasion.


The Gen Tux Studio

Experimentation often leads to what the experts call discovery.We’re referring to playing dress up at the Gen Tux studio, of course, a place to build an outfit and customize it as you like. The bright light studio complete with a playful aquarium is a place to creatively visualize the curious mind and to encourage maximum experimentation. Build a perfect look and pin to that occasion-specific-Pinterest-board of yours (we meant hers).


If experimenting is not your thing, worry not. Start with pre-styled looks or better yet, an online concierge service at the ready to help with the sleek invention of co-browsing, it’s like shopping with your own personal stylist, online.

Styles range from basic to bold and can be further personalized with hundreds of accessories to choose from. Because you know you’ll also want a pair of the black and gold cufflinks to match with the theme.

Bespoke is no longer a pain


The sleek website has very easy-to-follow videos that take you step-by-step on how to measure correctly. Generation Tux even offers complimentary measurement tape, if you don’t have one at home.

A partnership with zTailors (also the brainchild of Zimmer) opens up the previously exclusive service, making it less intimidating. An expert tailor will conveniently come to your home. YASS! They really go above and beyond in making tuxedo rental experience a breeze.

Styling the Pact



You’ve mastered the art of online renting, now feel free to make it easy for your whole crew. The key to coordinating a successful event? Keep. Them. Happy.

Simply log on to your account, create your event, put up recommended looks and invite your groomsmen over. If you choose, you can even pay for their rentals. Regardless, all they need to do is following the style pact. Within a few clicks, each one of your groomsman is party-ready.


Tying the knot without breaking the bank 


When you’re through with setting up your order, all it would cost you is $150 or less. No hidden insurance costs. And you’ll find your garment delivered quickly and wrinkle-free in proprietary patent-pending packaging. (Also ideal for traveling, if you’re jet-setting to a destination wedding!)

Go ahead. Now all you have to do is show up and have fun!


This post is brought to you by Generation Tux. 
Images: Generation Tux@generationtux Instagram | @wellgroomedblog

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