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First Look at Art We Heart: Bespoke Succulent Wedding Decor

By Well Groomed

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When the team at Art We Heart first approached us with their oversized net-symbols displayed as hung garden ecosystems, we went a bit wild. Wonderful, wonderful art indeed!

But, wouldn’t it be even more perfection to have them custom made your initials? Plus that ever popular ampersand symbol? Lucky you, we found out that they do have such thing ‘germinating’ in their LA workshop (yep, all products are handmade in Los Angeles) and y’all get to spot it here first at Well-Groomed Blog – thanks to the ultra talented artist and founder of Art We Heart, Sharon Ann Lee, and her super assistant team Carrie & Tony.

This is what we call a modern day wedding decoration! Simple, smart and sustainable design; and so unique – we’re pretty sure a far-from-simple process is required to build this garden wall decor.

You’ve seen them, right? Succulent boutonniere, wedding favors, succulent bridal bouquets, succulent centerpieces for wedding table decoration….Just go where it grows, your bespoke design garden display would be an instant hit as a wedding decor at your reception.

Art We Heart‘s fresh take on succulent wall decor is truly an art you’ll be delighted to show off, even long after your wedding party – right there hung at the hall way entrance of you love bird’s very first nest together! Don’t think you have a green thumb? No worries, according to Sharon, as long as you don’t put your garden in direct / harsh sunlight and do spray with water simply 1- 2 per week, it’ll thrive.

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