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DIY String Art Boutonnieres

By Well Groomed

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I promise, you need almost zero sewing skills for this DIY. Last week, I came across a few examples of string art on rPinterest and decided to apply the trend to a boutonniere. These things were quick and easy to churn out, that I made two different styles (one of them ombre) in about 40 minutes.

Want the how-to?


8-1/2″ x 11″ felt sheet that matches your suit/tux
floss thread
appropriately sized needle (according to thread size)
thin Sharpie marker or pen
monogram template
circular object (cup, cookie cutter, vase, etc.)


1 | Using a word-processing program and the font of your choice, design and print a 1-letter monogram. It makes the most sense to use the initial of your last name, or your hyphenated names if that’s the route you’re going. I used Neutra font in Bold for this tutorial.

2a | Trace around your circular object onto the felt with the Sharpie. Use the space wisely and place your circles as close together as you can. I used the bottom of one of my wife’s vases, which measured 3″. Carefully cut out the printed monogram, center it in the circle, and trace around it onto the felt.

2b | Trace around your initials onto the felt with the Sharpie. Use the space wisely and place your letters as close together as you can. Carefully cut out the printed monograms and trace around them onto the felt. 

3 | Split your six-stranded thread in half, and thread the needle with a three-stranded piece. Sew around the outline of your letter(s) as precisely as possible to maintain the font’s style. Then, randomly sew from one side of your letter to the other in various long and short diagonal lines to create your string art. There’s no pattern or right way to do it, just continue sewing until the monogram is as full or sparse as you want.

When finished, attach felt boutonniere to your lapel with a small safety pin sewn or hot glued to the back.

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