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DIY Proposal In A Box

By Well Groomed

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Racking your brain for the perfect proposal? The best ones usually have some friends/family in cahoots with the groom. Get everyone involved, even if they live far away, with a proposal in a box.

Grab a box, and stuff it full of party favors and a printable “Say Yes” banner. Include the printable instructions for the recipients and do something creative to incorporate their pics into the proposal. It’ll be just like they were there.

Ready to pop the question? Keep reading to get the free Proposal In A Box printables and proposal ideas.

I’m a car guy, not a craft guy. So, instead suggesting a bunch of tools you’ve never heard of and neither one of us know how to use, like rotary cutters and bone folders, I’m keeping this tutorial simple.

Download the free Proposal In A Box printables and follow instructions. Start streaming Breaking Bad and get ready to work. That was pretty painless, right?
– 5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ box
– double-sided tape
– scissors/rotary cutter/paper cutter
– twine, string, or yarn to hang “Say Yes” bunting
– craft punches for confetti (optional) My wife had these lying around. They’re the blue and orange things in the pic above. You can find them in different shapes and sizes at Jo-Ann or Michael’s.
– color coordinated candies (I found mine at Party City)
– color coordinated noisemakers: toy horns, kazoos, trumpets (Party City again)

Proposal Ideas
Here are a couple ideas on how to use those pics of celebratory, supportive family and friends to show your soon-to-be fiance that you put some effort into the proposal. In each case, you have to be observant of your girl’s/guy’s habits so you can be ready to pop the question and present the ring at a moment’s notice. You’ll probably get extra kisses if you score a pic of Granny throwing confetti, the dog working the kazoo, and a cute niece or nephew holding up the “Say Yes” banner.

– Arrange the pics in a collage on the bathroom mirror, wait for her/him to notice, and get to asking.
– Pretend you’re doing a movie night with popcorn, favorite candies, the works. Burn the pics to a DVD, and when it starts to play, whip out the ring.

Do you have some other ideas for how to incorporate the pics into a proposal? Let me know in the comments section.

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