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Well-Groomed Groom: Blue Man Group Pt II

I’m back with more of Anthony’s style and his tips to help you get your wedding look together. If you missed Part I, check it out. Don’t worry, we’ll wait… Now that you’re caught up, let’s jump back into it with the couple’s First Look. W-G | What advice do you have for other grooms who […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Blue Man Group Pt I

This photographer-turned-groom is dropping knowledge about what he wishes other grooms would do to find their style and telling us how he honed his look for his wedding with Laura. This too good to fit in one post, keep reading for the rest of Part I. Anthony Barlich of Hitch & Sparrow opted for a navy suit, […]

Well-Groomed Guys: Joel Serrato & Jose Villa

You’ve seen wedding filmmaker Joel Serrato and photographer Jose Villa’s anniversary shoot right here, and it was so popular (W-G’s second most popular post ever, in fact) that I had to get some answers straight from them about their wedding style, what they look for when shooting grooms, and really any other knowledge they wanted […]

Well-Groomed Guy: Dan Young AKA Gringo Groom

I interviewed The Gringo Groom (aka Dan Young of Eggs and Logs) for his insight on finding inspiration and creating his unique wedding look. You may remember that Dan boldly chose shorts for his Spanish wedding, which is unconventional to say the least. Well-Groomed: You’re a photographer and you designed your amazing wedding suite, and it’s […]

Well-Groomed Guy: Oh Bob! of Oh Joy!

Today, I’m kicking off the Well-Groomed Guys series. Each W-G Guy post will feature an interview of a guy with unique style, and more importantly, a willingness to share some style tips. Our first Well-Groomed Guy is Bob Cho, stylish guy and husband to graphic designer/blogger/tastemaker Joy Cho of Oh Joy! Well-Groomed: As a doctor, you’ve […]