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Well-Groomed Engagement: Blue Suede Shoes

You know that beat up, free couch you saw next to the dumpster? Yeah, that one. Grab it, and use it for your engagement session. This guy’s effortless style is mostly accomplished with a fitted tee, no socks, and blue suede oxfords. Add in some glasses and intentionally messy hair, and you’ve officially got a […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Embrace the Beard

Long grizzly beards and weddings don’t usually go together, but in this case they do. Instead of shaving your signature face fuzz, take a cue from this guy. Stay true to your style and personality, by cleaning up, not eliminating your overgrown beard. He keeps his head shaved and the rest of his look conservative […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: So Long, Summer

Ninety degree temps will soon to be a thing of the past in Minneapolis, so I figure a guy-centric farewell to the season is in order. Nothing says Minnesota or summer like a lake and a dock. This tattooed guy rolls up his sleeves and pants for a beer with his girl. A mini pompadour […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Dreadlocks and Treetops

Must be tree house week here on W-G, because along with this groom, this guy’s also hanging out in trees with his girl. Pulled back dreads, a contrast trim polo, and desert boots with no socks work together in this Topanga Canyon engagement session. images by Braedon Photography

Well-Groomed Engagement: Fair on The Rhine

A lightweight denim blazer, bow tie, and colored pants make a casual, but pulled together getup for this guy’s foreign fair engagement session. Ferris wheels, bumper cars, and flying swings make it easy to have a fun, relaxed shoot.   images by Britta Schunck

Well-Groomed Engagement: Around Chinatown

These two guys use San Francisco as a backdrop for their engagement session. Both guys dress up casual pants with a blazer, one opting for a blue and bow tie combo while the other goes for black and a skinny tie. Graffiti and street performers work add some visual texture to the shoot. images by […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Knee Deep

This guy keeps it casual for a woodland engagement shoot that gets him and his girl knee deep in a creek. Rolled jeans and a cuffed plaid shirt are right at home in this watery, wilderness-set session. images by Erin Hearts Court

Well-Groomed Engagement: Work of Art

Custom kicks and a graffiti backdrop make this guy’s engagement session come alive with color. Amanda submitted these pics on behalf of her other half, Nick (notice his initials inside the drum kit?). He works three relaxed looks. Each one planned to compliment the setting, whether it was the North Carolina Museum of Art, the […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: We Built This City

Why paint the city red when you can eat it? This guy looks harmless in an argyle sweater vest, blazer, and bow tie, but he’s ready to channel Godzilla and take a bite out of a mini cardboard city replica. Jeans and sneakers complete the look. images by Chelle Wooten Photography via Uschi and Kay

Well-Groomed Engagement: (Red)Rockin’ It

Some of the best engagement sessions are the simplest, and this shoot is a perfect example. Dress comfortably, pick a natural setting, and forget the photog is there. This guy goes for jeans, beat up boots, and leather suspenders for the Redrock State Park shoot. In short, don’t overdo it. Here’s a few more simple, […]