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Well-Groomed Q&A: Navy Tuxedo with Brown Shoes?

Q: My finacee and I are doing an outdoor ceremony and reception at a local vineyard. I have decided to do navy suits, dusty shale ties, and light brown shoes for the grooms. There is one problem, I have an identical twin brother. So, to distinguish myself from him, I’ve decided to dress it up just […]

Well-Groomed Advice: Suspender Contenders for a Beach Wedding

Q: We are getting married on a beach in Portugal – it’s going to be relaxed and laid back. We love the trousers, shirt, suspenders and bow tie look for the men. However just wondering how to differentiate the groom, best man and then I want my brother and Dad in matching attire. The groom […]

Well-Groomed Advice: Red Apple, Gold, and Navy

Question: Hello, our colors are navy red and gold. The bridesmaids already have red apple dresses and I am thinking about getting a blue tux and having my groomsmen wear black tuxes. Would that look too ridiculous and what would you recommend as to the details to add to the tuxedos. – Frank Mr. & […]

Well-Groomed Advice: Father & Son Matching Outfits

Question: Hi I am attending a baptism end of August, I will be the god mother and will be wearing an orange and white dress. I need advice on styling my husband (26) and son (4). I have purchased orange knit ties for them both and am debating on matching outfits? (Is that acceptable?) My […]

Mismatched Style + Dress Shirt for Different Body Types

Q: I have a group of 7 groomsmen, and everyone will be wearing the same dark grey suit.  I love the idea of a gingham shirt with a solid color tie like this:This is the original look I was hoping for. The problem is that we have every body type represented in the group which […]

Can The Groom Wear Short Sleeves?

I received quite a few emails on this topic. It’s no wonder, with the weather getting warmer, many guys (I personally know one in my household!) would love nothing more than a comfy, cool, relaxed outfit. The answer is yes, Mr. Grooms, you can wear short sleeves for the wedding….but it depends on the overall […]

Q&A: Help! How to tie everything together?

Q: Hello Well-Groomed blog–puzzled bride here,   I am trying to keep my groom happy, but I feel like I have no idea how to match this tie thing! we are having a daytime summer wedding (at a catholic church), so it has to be a mix of fancy and laid-back. the groom doesn’t wear […]

Q&A: Two grooms ask, “What should we wear to our City Hall wedding?”

Q: My fiance and I are getting married late Feb in San Francisco. The ceremony will be at City Hall with a trolley ride around the city and a picnic in the park afterwards. The ladies will be wearing vintage floral dresses and fascinators. We’re both wearing matching gingham shirts, but everything else doesn’t necessarily […]

Q&A: Where Can We Find Madras Bow Ties?

Q: My fiance and I will be having a vineyard wedding in September. We’re a colorful pair, so we’ll be doing something a bit brighter than the standard neutral/rustic look of many vineyard weddings. The color palette includes radiant orchid, hot pink, orange, and gold. The bridesmaids will be wearing  this. The groomsmen will wear […]