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Well-Groomed Groom: Hipster, Meet Traditional English Country Style

Knowing well about what he wanted to do and what kind of look he wanted to sport, this was what Thomas, our wellgroomed groom shared about his downright dapper style: “I have always been fascinated by the traditional english country style, with tweed and a three piece suit with classic brown double buckled monkstraps. I […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Patterned Vest and Turquoise Tie in a Country Themed Wedding

A rustic chic groom outfit came to live in this barnyard country wedding. This well-groomed groom, Mark, sported a white shirt, patterned vest in dark golden rod (a warm earthy tone), tan trousers, and a pop of turquoise tie with a matching pocket square. His attire had just the right amount of formality, warmth and […]

Can The Groom Wear Short Sleeves?

I received quite a few emails on this topic. It’s no wonder, with the weather getting warmer, many guys (I personally know one in my household!) would love nothing more than a comfy, cool, relaxed outfit. The answer is yes, Mr. Grooms, you can wear short sleeves for the wedding….but it depends on the overall […]

Well-Groomed Q&A: Where Can We Find Textured Vests?

We’re making a part 2 post, a continuation from this one with the small gingham shirts. These warm colored, earth tone textured vests are sought after – even a year later after Well-Groomed covered these handsome trend, so we have been on the hunt. Stephanie, Carley, Amanda, and Anthony, see below for similar options for […]

Well-Groomed Engagement: Build on the Basics

This groom talks lumberjacks, pompadours, and American Gothic as he shares how he created two distinct looks from a foundation of black jeans, a black shirt, and white belt. Well-Groomed: How would you describe your style? Justin: Ah, my style. I guess it would be something along the lines of an “edgy distinguished classy hipster”. Clothing that is comfortable […]