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Well-Groomed Engagement: Urban Chic

Clear cut signs that you’re a well-groomed guy are the way you suited up and the way you treat your lady. Our guy, Spencer – who wore slim fit navy blue scattered dash patterned suit paired with white slim fit french cuff dress shirt, fun light blue ice cream cone patterned tie, tie bar, leather […]

Well-Groomed Groom: 49ers Inspired Groom

Man, he must have bought his attire from way cooler time or dimension or something. We don’t get to see enough grooms sporting hunting-style jacket nowadays. Especially in Bay Area, California – where hunting is the not-so-much-sported-anymore. Tattersall patterned shirt combined with herringbone patterned hunting-style jacket, complete with all the blows and whistles, i.e. those […]

Well-Groomed: The Handmade Groom – Bow Ties

We cover wedding fashion for the guys from bespoke suit to bold pattern socks and we want to highlight non-cheesy, well crafted, sophisticated handmade items that will get you ready for the big day! Thankfully, we got the help of an expert – Brett Torrey Haynes of IAMTHELAB. Aloha! It’s my privilege to bring a […]

Q&A: How Do I Conquer Casual/Smart Style?

Q: Hi, I sent an email a few years back regarding my dilemma between brown and black shoes. So, the time has come for met to get married. My wedding is on a farm in the English countryside, and we’re trying to keep things casual but smart. I was thinking of a herringbone tweed blazer to […]

Well-Groomed Details: Forage Haberdashery

Scared to mix and match? Man up, and check out Forage’s new handkerchiefs. The spring plaid and blue Valentine’s ‘chiefs coordinate with nearly every tie in their collection. I picked three, but there are enough options to outfit all the guys. Even the kids. Both handkerchiefs work with all three ties. To really shake it […]

Well-Groomed Rewind: Ties of 2012

Missed some of the great ties this year on W-G? This round-up has it all, kites, gingham, stripes, farfalle, and velvet. You get the gist. images by: Emilie Iggiotti, David Newkirk, Honey Honey Photography, Mass Item, Leo Patrone

Well-Groomed Palette: Pink + Denim

In the week since W-G launched, I’ve chatted a few times with Andrew of General Knot & Co. He was kind enough to send me some pics of the company’s latest collection, which they just shot this week. Since pink can be so tricky for some guys (and is beloved by so many brides), I thought this […]