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Hardware 007: HIdden Hue Rings

Why inscribe when you can infuse a ton of color into your wedding band? These hersteller bands are flashy in an incognito kind of way. Very cool. hersteller: cobalt blue ring, carbon fiber wood ring, purple ring

Hardware 006: Distressed Rings

Not into the shiny, polished ring thing? Then stand by your instincts and consider some distressed options. If you work with your hands, your band’s likely to get banged up anyway, so these asymmetrical, hammered, scratched rings will take the abuse and look even better than the first day you got it. Even the edges […]

Hardware 005: Rose Gold Rings

Hear me out. I know you’re thinking, “Seriously? A pink ring?” But, before you dismiss the idea, give rose gold a chance. On it’s own, the pink tone is subtle, but gives the ring a warmer, richer look than traditional yellow gold. Pair it with platinum or white gold if you really want the pink […]

Hardware 004: Black Out Watches

For some reason, black out watches make me think of stealth, undercover operations and covert spy missions. Find them in sporty or dressy styles, in rubber, metal, and ceramic. No matter which one you choose, the all-black piece will give your look a modern edge. It’d be great with a black and white ensemble like […]

Hardware 003: Concrete Rings

Maybe you’re an architect or a construction worker, so it’s literally your job to know all the ins and outs of concrete. Then again, you could just be a guy who hates traditional jewelry. Either way, these concrete pieces add a tough side to conventional metal or unconventional wooden rings. Minter & Richter Designs, 22designstudio, […]

Hardware 002: Knotted Enamel Cuff Links

  Knotted cuff links aren’t anything new, but Aspinal of London’s enamel collection combines cool silver with unexpected color combos. Pink and navy, anyone?

Hardware 001: Round, Brown Chronos

I’m not sure why watchmakers think we have a need for stopwatches. I can’t remember the last time I challenged another dude to a 40 yd dash, but that hasn’t deterred the proliferation of chronographs in every color. Chocolate brown, round-faced chronos are on my radar for weddings. They’re a black watch’s equally-sophisticated, less dramatic […]