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Well-Groomed Engagement: Build on the Basics

This groom talks lumberjacks, pompadours, and American Gothic as he shares how he created two distinct looks from a foundation of black jeans, a black shirt, and white belt. Well-Groomed: How would you describe your style? Justin: Ah, my style. I guess it would be something along the lines of an “edgy distinguished classy hipster”. Clothing that is comfortable […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Red, White, and Blue Hues

A red, white, and blue striped suit? Yeah, somehow this works, especially when paired with a chambray bow tie and white button-down shirt. A gold sequin heart adds some bling to this styled groom’s lapel. Need more red, white, and blue inspiration? Check out this Wild, Wild West groom and this Gingham and Dot groom. Both […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Classy Casual

Forget the penguin suit for your outdoor ceremony, and grab a pair of jeans. Keep them fitted and dark to make them altar-appropriate like dressed-down groom Aaron did for his Akron, Ohio farm wedding. Not only can a casual look work for your wedding, but photogs eat it up when grooms do something unconventional. Don’t believe me? Take […]

Well-Groomed Details: Forage Haberdashery

Scared to mix and match? Man up, and check out Forage’s new handkerchiefs. The spring plaid and blue Valentine’s ‘chiefs coordinate with nearly every tie in their collection. I picked three, but there are enough options to outfit all the guys. Even the kids. Both handkerchiefs work with all three ties. To really shake it […]

Well-Groomed Rewind: Ties of 2012

Missed some of the great ties this year on W-G? This round-up has it all, kites, gingham, stripes, farfalle, and velvet. You get the gist. images by: Emilie Iggiotti, David Newkirk, Honey Honey Photography, Mass Item, Leo Patrone

Well-Groomed Palette: Pink + Denim

In the week since W-G launched, I’ve chatted a few times with Andrew of General Knot & Co. He was kind enough to send me some pics of the company’s latest collection, which they just shot this week. Since pink can be so tricky for some guys (and is beloved by so many brides), I thought this […]