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Versus: Armie Hammer vs Johnny Depp

The Lone Ranger co-stars are nearly polar opposites in their suits for a red carpet event. Both looks could work for a groom, but which guy had the best style? Armie Hammer chose a bright, red suit with a slim fit. Since the color is a shock, he wisely paired it with a neutral, brown […]

Versus: Chris Pine vs. Zachary Quinto

Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, aka Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, teamed up to promote the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. Both guys got suited up for the event, but which one did it better? Chris chose a three-piece pinstriped suit in traditional black. He added an unexpected twist with a contrasting polka dot […]

Versus: Rob Pattinson vs Himself

Robert Pattinson is making the publicity rounds to hawk his new movie, Cosmopolis, and he’s hit the red carpet in two distinct styles. On the left, he wore a very deliberate (but oddly still controversial) blue/black combo with a skinny tie and slim suit. On the right, he opted for a salmon shirt and grid […]

Versus: Andrew Garfield vs Himself (3x)

It’s not often that a guy has to compete against himself, but The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield wore some drastically different looks around the world for the movie’s premiere. A red suit and no tie, plaid jacket and sweater vest, checked shirt and plum suit, and classic black, they’re all here. The suit silhouettes […]

Versus: Robert Downey, Jr., Guy Ritchie, & Jude Law

Try to ignore Jude Law’s hat, and instead focus on the suits of the guys of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. RDJ sports a lot of shimmer in his black suit, shirt, and silver tie. A little stubble and geeky glasses finish it off. Director Guy Ritchie’s gridded grey suit and patterned tie add […]

Versus: Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

The Twilight kids are back in full effect, making their way across the globe to promote Breaking Dawn – Part I. Ignore Kristen Stewart in this pic, and focus on the guys. Pattinson’s sporting a a charcoal grey on grey look with a chocolate brown tie for contrast. Lautner’s working a classic black suit/white shirt […]

Poll: Down With Brown?

Last week, I posted this Style Snapshot of a groom sporting a brown tux, which sparked this comment from an anonymous W-G reader. Appreciate going outside the box, but I’ve been to 2 weddings in the last year with brown tux’s. Combined with this one, I say 0 for 3. And I can hear them […]

Versus: Ryan Gosling & George Clooney

Ryan Gosling is back in the ring, but this time he faces off with The Ides of March co-star George Clooney. Gosling’s suit might look simple at first glance, but its olive green. Clooney goes slick with an monochromatic look, no tie, and open collar. Which is better? Unconventional color with classic styling, or classic […]

Versus: Brad Pitt, Chris Pratt, Bennett Miller

The stars of Moneyball all showed up for an promo event wearing all-black. Or at least, I think Pitt’s suit is black, but I guess it could be a dark navy. Either way, the guys are a great example of three different ways to make a classic unique. Pitt goes for a tieless 3-piece suit, […]

Versus: Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell

This matchup pits two very different styles against each other. Ryan Gosling’s graphic, black and white checked suit, disheveled hair, and full facial hair flies in the face of Steve Carell’s subtly striped grey suit, parted hair, and clean shaven look. Both guys were attending the premiere of their film Crazy, Stupid, Love and both […]