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Behind The Scene with Vashi – an Award Winning Celebs’ Diamond Guy + Celeb’s Personal Jeweller!

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We have a very special guest today, someone from a sparkling industry, someone who has been featured in CNN, BBC, CNBC, and many more publications. Meet Vashi Dominguez, the guy who took 200 NOs, yet built a £5m award winning online diamond business from scratch within 5 years.

Originally from Tenerife (a small island in Spain), by the age of 21 he’d already sold his first successful business. The hundreds of NOs came from 200 meetings with Antwerp diamond representatives before he could make a deal to start his career in the diamond industry, due to the closed nature of the industry. But he was persistent and now, 7 years later, he has over 30 members of staff at the most beautiful spot of Hatton Garden, the diamond district of London. He even still picks the stones himself!

We’re super thrilled when we get a chance to get a bit personal with this brilliant business man!

Good morning Vashi, thank you for your time.
Good morning to you too.

Tell us a bit about 
After five successful years of growing Diamond Manufacturers Ltd, we decided it was time for
a rebrand. In 2013, we launched, giving the brand a more personalized touch. It was important to let our customers know that they are receiving the full Vashi experience, as I handpick
each diamond and stone sold across all countries. We wanted this personalized touch to reflect in
our brand.

Vashi, joined by Hugo Taylor & Rosie Fortescue (wearing diamond drop earrings from his current collection) – heading out to front row seat at London Fashion Week

Why diamonds?
I’ve been fascinated by diamonds since I was a little boy. I loved my grandmother’s jewelry, I just could not understand how something so small could be so valuable. With each stone being so unique (despite the similarities seen when graded by the 4Cs measure), I still look at individual pieces and find something new every day. It’s one of those great finds that bring about rarity and new discoveries. These stones have been brought to us from the entrails of the earth; they are little mementoes of history. Not to mention, there’s great satisfaction that comes from selling a symbol of everlasting love. Whenever we receive photos from our customers, we rejoice at knowing that we had something to do with one of the happiest moments of their lives.

What are your favorite wedding band designs for men?
For men I like classic designs in terms of wedding jewelry. A platinum plain wedding ring with a flat
shape has a contemporary design still remaining modest and timeless. It’s the type of piece that you won’t get tired of wearing from years to come.

What style tips would you recommend to grooms?
I personally prefer a classic style with a twist. Matching styles is very important, especially if you prefer a more traditional styled wedding. It’s important that your style fits the wedding theme.

What do you wear on your day to day?
I have several dark Italian suits but every now and then I wear a touch of color depending on the
weather. My style is complemented with accessories. I love to switch it up with a stylish tie and/or

How did you propose to your wife? I proposed in Ravello (Amalfi Coast in Italy) under one of the most breathtaking and romantic views in the world. I have classic values when it comes to proposing so I went down on one knee and told my wife how I felt, how much I loved her and how much she meant to me.

According to her, what’s the best gift you’ve ever given to her on her birthday or anniversary? She loved the pair of diamond stud earrings I gave her on our anniversary. She had been looking for an elegant and slender set of earrings for everyday wear, but hadn’t considered fine jewellery as an option. I remember the moment she opened the box, she was so surprised. She looked lovely!

How do you keep a happy marriage?
I think that being supportive of each other could be one of the factors in a happy marriage. Having someone who will root for you and someone to be happy for, to care for.

Pocket square or no pocket square?
Pocket square for special occasions that don’t require a black or white tie, such as a wedding. The key is to always match your tie with your handkerchief. It’s a simple way of making an outfit more elegant.

Bow tie, yes or no? 
I usually wear a black or white tie, depending on the dress code required for events and galas. I prefer ties for informal occasions.

Go-to shoes?
I prefer a classic cut, a pair of black leather shoes with laces. I wear them often, as they’re so comfortable and stylish. I also like to ensure that they’re well taken care of to remain flexible, shiny and smart.

Any fashion disaster moment? 
(laughs) I grew up in the 80s… When I look at old photos especially the ones where I’m spending the day at the beach with my family, I am full of great memories… Although I can’t help but cringe when I see some of the swimming suits I wore!

Thanks so much Mr. Vashi for your time! Maybe on your next visit, you could share a bit of insider advice on how to pick an engagement ring and a little lesson about the precious diamond =)

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