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Archive | July, 2015

Well-Groomed Groom: Bali Destination Wedding

Bali? WHOA. It screams heaven to us. Apparently, for New Zealand & Australia’s A-list couple, Dane Rumble (a.k.a Kid Deft) and Nikki Phillips, it screams… Destination Wedding and so much more!     Commenting about the venue, here’s what Nikki said:“Bali held many memories for both of us which is why this tropical yet rough […]

Well-Groomed Groom: Bright Bold and Playful

Bright retro yellow truck for the big day? Oh, so classic! We cannot not smile looking through this bold and charming wedding.    To create that relaxed semi-formal air all around, the couple opted to have their wedding outdoors at the Lionsgate Center, home of the iconic painted walls. Keeping up with the bold, whimsical theme, the […]