Well-Groomed Advice: Suspender Contenders for a Beach Wedding


We are getting married on a beach in Portugal - it's going to be relaxed and laid back. We love the trousers, shirt, suspenders and bow tie look for the men. However just wondering how to differentiate the groom, best man and then I want my brother and Dad in matching attire. The groom doesn't want to wear a waistcoat or a blazer - he is quite broad and would be uncomfortable in these. - J


Ahhhh, we can smell the ocean from here!!

suspender short sleeve fedora hat groom beach wedding

No waistcoat, no blazer, no problem. After all, there isn't a better excuse than the beach and the sand to take on a more laid back look. Plus, you can still put the spotlight on the groom by playing with color, materials, or accessories. Here we outline a few examples to go for a 'laxed suspender while setting your brother and Dad apart with coordinating appearance.

Another Color
A different color injection breaks out the mono palette at the same time keeps the group looking fresh.

suspender grey tone newsboy cap groom and groomsmen beach wedding

To Bow or Not To Bow
As planned, complete the groom's look with his signature bow tie to show off his personality. The crew can opt for no bow, different color, or even different shape of ties like the skinny or traditional.

suspender white shirt groom

suspender red bow tie khaki bare feet groom beach wedding

Sartorial Material
Utilizing different fabrics creates such a stylish statement. Formal trouser for the main guy + jeans / chino for the gang - what say you?

suspender and jeans for groomsmen 


Suspender, short sleeve shirt, fedora hat via Wedding Chicks photographed by Filda Konec Photography

Suspender, gray tone, newsboy cap groom and groomsmen via Wedding Bee

Suspender, red bow tie, bare feet via Ruffled Blog photographed by welovepictures

White shirt suspender groom via Wedding Chicks photographed by Kelsea Holder Photography

Suspender and jeans for the groomsmen via Wedding Chicks photographed by Austin Gros Photographed

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