Well-Groomed Groom: The Sartorial White Tux

As far as tuxedos go, we haven't seen that many grooms choosing white ones lately. But don't discount them yet, the white tux could really illuminate that effortless - cool - groom look and give you a run for your money.

That is the case here at Abisola's wedding ceremony. Her husband was sporting a white Ferrecci tux - tailored so well with the black lapels to match the Calvin Klein bow tie. And the dotty socks mimicked the color palette in a trendy way!

Does the white tux get your thumbs up? It certainly got two from Well-Groomed, especially styled sartorially as such in his look!

white-tux-well-groomed 1

white-tux-well-groomed 2

white-tux-well-groomed 3

white-tux-well-groomed 4

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