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Archive | December, 2014

Happy Holidays

Beat the chill – layering done right: plaid wool blazer, cotton cardigan sweater, light blue buttondown dress shirt , italian weave navy blue dotty neck tie, red white blue quilted polka dot scarf, and linen pocket square Image source: unknown

How Perfect Circle Protects Your Precious Moments

Deliriously happy and filled with love. Newly engaged? Just married? Crowded by beautiful memories and delighted with the possibilities of a journey of a life time? Just put a ring on it? Paris image via I remember the feeling so well! The back then new object now comfortably circles my “vena amoris”…  I wasn’t used to […]

Well-Groomed Groom: The Sartorial White Tux

As far as tuxedos go, we haven’t seen that many grooms choosing white ones lately. But don’t discount them yet, the white tux could really illuminate that effortless – cool – groom look and give you a run for your money. That is the case here at Abisola’s wedding ceremony. Her husband was sporting a […]