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Archive | October, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie : Breakfast in Bed

There are a million of effervescent thrilling ideas to woo your significant other – from small gifts to grand gestures. Breakfast in bed is proven, tested, smile-inducing guaranteed and is always welcomed. Especially, if you pay attention to the little details, like fresh flowers, how she prefers scrambled over poached, brioche toast or crumpet, or […]

Give Your Significant Other a World of Pearl

While trolling for gift ideas for her, looking for something to add to the fresh flower bouquet and last longer than a box of Spr√ľngli, I was pinged and pointed to pearls. If you think pearl is a been there, done that gifts or plain jane what-nots, think again! They are all the rage elegance […]

Dressing Up for Fall { Celeb Style: Pharrell Williams }

We recently found ourselves among over 1500+ others, admiring a picture of this guy on our Pinterest, a musician with a resume that includes high fashion sense. Pharrell Williams makes dressing up in layers so effortless! Naturally, we gotta take this inspiration and dissect it into a workable fall outfit. Original source unknown Similar pieces to […]