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Archive | August, 2014

How This Groom Rocks Turquoise & Coral – {Cool Shoes Alert}

A lot of guys say, “aqua / teal is a pretty hard color to work with”. Well. Not to this well-groomed groom. Today we leaped back to last year in August, when this gorgeous glittery wedding happened! Matt has a story to tell about how he worked with the master mind (aka the bride) to […]

Well-Groomed: The Handmade Groom – Bow Ties

We cover wedding fashion for the guys from bespoke suit to bold pattern socks and we want to highlight non-cheesy, well crafted, sophisticated handmade items that will get you ready for the big day! Thankfully, we got the help of an expert – Brett Torrey Haynes of IAMTHELAB. Aloha! It’s my privilege to bring a […]